300+ Essential Icons

This is an icon set brought to you by Creative Nerds. The set of icons is icons commonly needed for user interface design projects for mobile applications or web apps.

Getting Started

There is two ways you can use the icons in your web design projects. You can download the icons directly from our Git Hub page or use our CDN to import directly into your project.

1. Include the stylesheet

You can either download the icon set from Git Hub, ensuring you include the stylesheet and fonts in your project. The easier alternative method is you can use our CDN to reference the style sheet in your project.

<link href="https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/gh/creativenerds/essential-ui-icons@master/style.css" rel="stylesheet" /> 

2. Choose icon an icon set

Select an icon from the list at the bottom of the page for e.g. icon-cn-alarm—icon. Then simple enter the class name to use the icon in an HTML document.

<i class="cn-truck"></i> 

3. Finshed

The icon set is a font family. Don’t forget you can customise the icon via CSS, as you would a font.: red; font-size:100px;}

.cn-truck{color: red; font-size:100px;}

Terms of use

This icon set is 100% free and can be used however you please. We only request that you do not redistribute this icon set. Your more than welcome to credit the icon set on the site or page it is used on, but this optional not compulsory.